Stockton's Future

Whenever I mention living in Stockton, it is often met with one of two reactions. They either have no idea where Stockton is until I mention Sacramento, or I receive some pity remark about “the city Stockton has become”. I believe Stockton is more than the problems that exist within or the city that lays 50 miles north. When I think of Stockton I think of the people. While we might not have the hills of San Francisco or the history of Sacramento. We have our own distinguishable attractions that are often overshadowed by the problems that we are all too familiar with. Yet due to chronic inaction on the part of our City government we have grown far too complacent with a defunct government. Growing up in Stockton has provided me with valuable life lessons I wouldn’t trade for anything. If elected I would work on making a Stockton that parents would be proud to raise their children in, where our youth can prosper and find a sense of belonging. Let’s make Stockton more than just another stop on the way to the destination, let’s make Stockton the destination. By working together and electing Councilmembers who will fight for Stockton rather than for themselves we can build a city that is safe, equitable, and prosperous for all. I will prioritize the needs of our community, and work to create policies that support working families, small businesses, and vulnerable populations. I will fight for more affordable housing, better transportation options, and increased access to quality healthcare and education. I believe that by investing in our city and its people, we can create a brighter future for all of us.